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How to Join

Welcome to JAPOS! Use this PDF membership application to tell us something about yourself. Don't worry--nothing too personal. This is a hobby, and we like to share our collecting interests.


Dues for each calendar year are $7 (seven USD). There are two ways to send dues payments or donations:

  1. Mail your check and the completed form to our Secretary-Treasurer.

  2. Pay online from this page by using PayPal. If paying this way, please also send an email to our Secretary-Treasurer so that he may acknowledge your new or renewed membership.

PayPal Note: Currently, JAPOS cannot set up its own PayPal account because our EIN is too old and it takes a long time to get a new one. Funds paid from this webpage will temporarily be sent to Cynthia Scott dba Anon E Mouse Cachets and then be transferred to the JAPOS checking account managed by our Secretary-Treasurer.

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JAPOS President

Clete Delvaux, 1660 Hoffman Rd., Apt. 110, Green Bay, WI 54311.


JAPOS Vice President

Mark Winnegrad, 1450 Parkchester Rd., Apt. 5A, Bronx, NY 10462

JAPOS Secretary-Treasurer

Christopher D. Cook, 7222 Hollywood Rd., Berrien Springs, MI 49103.


JAPOS Web Master

Cynthia Scott, 4505 Chapel Dr., Columbus, IN 47203.


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